Thursday, June 21, 2012

Legal Tip: If You're Pulled Over By The Police

While you must give correct identification information, in most cases you do NOT have to answer any other questions.

• False ID to law enforcement is a crime.
• False statement to law enforcement is a crime.
• Saying NOTHING (other than your identifying information) is perfectly legal.

You do NOT have to tell the officer why you THINK he stopped you, where you were coming from, or where, or how fast, you were going.

"Cause I was speeding?" You may have just confessed to a crime. If you say the wrong thing, the officer won't need to show he was tracking you, radar was working, or much else in court.

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* And now the legal disclaimer: Every situation is unique. The above is a general guideline, applicable to Virginia only, does not create any attorney-client relationship, and may or may not apply to any particular set of circumstances. Please contact an attorney in your state for specific lagal advice.


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